Product Name:
Full SS Repair Clamp
  • Double Orifice Air Valve
  • Double Orifice Air Valve
  • Double Orifice Air Valve

Pressure: PN6/PN10/PN16

Type: Single band / double bands / triple bands

Body material: SS304/SS316

Gaskets: NBR or EPDM

Coating: Rilsan(Nylon 11)

Lug: SS304/SS316

Bolts and Nuts: SS304/SS316

Package: wooden cases and protection layer.


The production can be used widely in the instant repair of pipes in these fields: water supply and sewerage,gas transfer, chemical industry, metallurgic industry, mineral industry, water power, marine. The prodcut can be applied over and underground to the pipe of different materials, such as cast iron,steel,plastic, cement and so on.

Performance of rubber gasket:

Material  Applicable Range Applicable Temperature
EPDM water,air,dust,water vapor -20℃ ~ + 140℃
NBR  natural gas,oil,petrol,other hydrocarbon -20℃ ~ + 100℃
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