Flexible Flange Mounting Method

First, the top of the socket to draw the installation line, the clearance at the end of the socket is 5-10mm, and the mounting wire is drawn on the outer wall of the socket. The plane of the installation line should be perpendicular to the axis of the tube.

Second, set into the flange gland in the socket, and then into the apron, the edge of the apron and the installation line should be aligned.

Third, insert the socket into the mouth, in order to keep the rubber ring in the socket within the same depth, in the process of advancing, try to ensure that the insertion tube axis and the bearing axis in the same line.

Fourth, fastening bolts, so that even the adhesive force, bolts can not be tight in place once, one by one gradually gradually tightening.

The above content is based on the actual work of the students encountered problems collated for reference, if any questions please communicate in time.

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